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All new…

New City, New State, New Blog…

I’m looking forward to dating down here, although I did date someone who lived here while I lived in Philly, it was different because it was long distance.  There isn’t much to tell right now because I’m getting settled.  I have gone to a couple of places around here and hung out for a few hours but because March 14th was the start of tourist season, there aren’t many places I want to go to right now.

I’m noticing down here 20 something men like older women.  I can’t walk two feet without some young guy giving me his telephone number or flirting with me.  Good for the ego but not for finding someone to date.  I’m thinking of giving another 3 month trial since I’m in a new city.  What I have noticed down here is a lot of guys here need a shitload of attention.  They text you back to back, they want to see you all day, all night and they move fast as hell when it comes to relationships.

With all of that said, I’m looking forward to seeing this city through the eyes of a resident, rather than a tourist.  I guess we get to find out if the trouble and bad experiences I had were due to my location or something going on with me.

wish me luck.

Love and Later Days,



All my Ex’s live in Philly, that’s why I hang my hat in Myrtle Beach…

That is one of my favorite songs, “All my exes live in Texas” country and western song but I love it just the same.  Anywhosal, I have finally completed my move to SC.  The weather is great, when I left Philly the city was in the throws of constant snow storms and blizzards, and yes there is a difference. 

I know I have been away for awhile, but I’m back.  I just wanted to give you a heads up, the title of my blog is changing from Fun Philly (for obvious reasons) to Shagging in SC.  Don’t get all excited my pervy followers.  The shagging I’m referring to is of the dance variety.  Shagging is the state dance for SC.  Hope you continue to follow me and I hope I get better at dating now that I’m 500 miles away from past mistakes.  As always…

Love and Later Days,