Dating is like a damn job!

I have decided that I want to get married again, hold your horses, I’m not seeing anyone yet.  Right now I’m going through the employment ads, in other words… profiles.  

I’ve said this before, being in a relationship isn’t like a job, it IS a job.  You have to keep your significant other happy. Throw some new stuff in there so you don’t get bored or complacent, and constantly upgrade your resume to make sure you’re still qualified for the job.

We put so much effort into our employment life and not even a 10th of that into our relationships.  If we did, the divorce rate would dramatically drop.  So now, I’m back to searching the want ads. Then I have my round of interviews (dates).  After which, hopefully I will land my dream job (you get that without me explaining).  In the mean time, the things going on with me that I want to change, I’m working on.  The main thing being my weight.  I have gone on a diet, I will diet for another week before I start exercising.  I’m hoping to drop 40 lbs by August.  I dropped four since I started this diet almost two weeks ago.  It’s hard because I’m a bored eater and I am bored out of my friggin mind these days.  Now every time I want to eat out of boredom, I drink a bottle of water.  Upside, my skin is clearing up.  The downside, I run to the bathroom like a woman who’s four months pregnant or someone who has just consumed 4 beers.  

Another thing I have changed is sitting still for so long during the day.  I walk around my pond at least twice a week.  I used to do it at night until something fast, furry and white, hissed at me and ran across my path.  Now, strictly during the day.  

Well not much else to tell, other than I make myself send at least ten messages off a week and play the wait and see game.  So far I do well on text but as soon as we start talking, something happens and I decide against going out with the person of interest.  One guy I met a few weeks ago, text me as soon as I hit send on the message, text me four times before I sent off one (btw, I’m a fast texter) and three of the four were about my breast size.  This became an argument.  I hadn’t spoken to him since until I got a text Thursday or Friday.  It said:

I have been in the VA hospital for the last week.  I hit my head on the wall while I was there and some of my memory is gone so I’m trying to remember a lot of

(new text)


(New text)

Trying to get key items to help me jog my memory.

Because I have a habit of deleting a contacts when I stop dealing, dating or working with someone, I text back: Who is this?

He texts back

Squirrel (of course not his name, I call him that because he’s nuttier than squirrel shit)

My Text:

I don’t think I can be of any assistance with that… we don’t know each other.  We met on a website and only texted each other a couple of times, sorry. Good luck in your recovery.

Thankfully I haven’t heard from him since but this is why if my gut tells me to wait or back off, I listen and act accordingly. 

Well that’s it guys, you’re caught up.  I will keep looking and keep you posted.

Love and Later Days, 




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