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On the road to happy???

Well Ladies and Gents, I know you haven’t heard from me in a while but that is because (are you sitting down) I met a boy 🙂

Yes a real life boy.

He’s kind, supportive, funny, sweet, and attentive. We talk for hours like two teenagers, we like a lot of the same things, our bdays are almost exactly one month apart and he makes me laugh like crazy.  Only two things, we won’t call them problems, per se but we have yet to meet in person and that’s because he lives 4hrs away.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, I have felt more connected to him, for now we’ll call him Raleigh (only because that’s near where he lives), than I have to anyone I have had in my life in years. He’s coming to town next weekend and we’ll take it from there.  He has his kids on most weekends (that has been one of our hold ups) the other is family and work stuff on my end.

When he comes I plan to do some tourist stuff have dinner and hopefully talk like we do over the phone every night.  You know I’m not new to internet dating so of course I will be very careful but I’m really excited to finally be around him in person. If all goes well, I will see him again a couple of weeks after that…

You know how it goes with internet dating but I’m more than happy about this, so much so that I took down my dating profiles. Yup!

Wish me luck. Idk what this is yet but whatever it is, it’s making me happy.

On a totally unrelated topic, I need help bad with my mom, I signed up for Aid and Assistance through the United States Military because my mom is the widow of a Veteran.  It could take months or years to get approved. A friend suggested I use this site to ask for help, she had a coworker who used it for getting a boob job. It’s a donation site. I posted the link below… could you please repost the link in your blogs.  Most of you have known me for years and know I wouldn’t ask for help unless I really needed it. I can use any and all donations. Even if you don’t donate please repost for me maybe someone will. I appreciate it.

And as always…

Love and Later Days,