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Kindle is like a crack dealer…

I have never bought a Kindle, I never felt the need because I have had a laptop and smartphone forever.  I did, however, like what they had to offer.  I’ve had the apps on both my computer and phone since they were made available.

I got Amazon Prime back in 2008 or 2009 because it came as a free addition when it was in beta testing. I love it because I order damn near everything from Amazon and I do mean Everything! From earrings to bedframes to clothing to books and everything comes at a discount or has free shipping.

So recently, to get a few books out there, amazon has been offering free books, well they always did but here’s the difference between the other books and these… these are series collections.  They give you the first 3 or 4 in the series for free.  Then the next few are 99 cents.  Any books after that are 5 dollars and up.  They got me hooked and there’s no 12 step for this ya’ll.  The books are good and get better as the series goes on…

I need help ya’ll…

Love and Later days,



I miss him so …

I’ve never had a problem with our distance.  Now that he is moving here our three hour (his three hour) commute to see each other feels like an eternity.  Before his decision to move here, the weeks between seeing each other was a cake walk.  I could do it blind folded. Now it feels like three weeks is three yrs.

Originally, provided none of our children decided they liked a grade so much they wanted to do it again (lol), the plan was to wait until both of our kids were out of school six years from now.   The plan changed for a lot of reasons, so we decided to move the date up, now we’re both having difficulty, to say the least, being apart from each other (I told you we were like teenagers). 

It’s a few days out from him coming down for interviews with a few local employers, if all goes according to (the new) plan, he will be here by the end of the month.  This is bringing back so many unpleasant memories from when I relocated here from Philly.

I’m very impatient, we all know this but this is truly like torture.  I’ll get through it doing tedious tasks like, cleaning… today I was waiting on the cable guy for him (and missed the cable dude of course, what do they knock with, feathers? Lmao).  I’ll also fill my time texting him about boring move decisions, “do I need to do anything, get anything, you’ll be tired when you get here, what do you want for dinner?”, yada… yada… yada.  You know transfer my crazy to him, cthu.

Well back to my straight jacket and padded cell, these windows won’t clean themselves. Stupid windows 😦

Love (lonely) and Later Days,


A little melancholy…

Spoke to my boyfriend Raleigh last night and he kind of had the blues.  He was missing me a lot more than usual but I attributed it to his impending move because we normally see each other every two weeks and although he’s moving here at the end of the month, we still do September’s visit. 

He decided last night that instead of one visit this month he would do two, although I thought it was a bad idea (mainly because of the cost of the relocation and secondly because I think it would make me miss him more when he leaves).  However, I will never turn down an opportunity to see his smile. 

Anywhosal, it turns out, he won’t  be able to make it down until his regularly scheduled visit 😦

Why am I telling you this, because I really wanted to see him this weekend but I don’t want him to feel worse than he already does, so lucky you… I put it all on you.  Thinking of canceling your subscription yet? Lol.

Love and Later Days,