A little melancholy…

Spoke to my boyfriend Raleigh last night and he kind of had the blues.  He was missing me a lot more than usual but I attributed it to his impending move because we normally see each other every two weeks and although he’s moving here at the end of the month, we still do September’s visit. 

He decided last night that instead of one visit this month he would do two, although I thought it was a bad idea (mainly because of the cost of the relocation and secondly because I think it would make me miss him more when he leaves).  However, I will never turn down an opportunity to see his smile. 

Anywhosal, it turns out, he won’t  be able to make it down until his regularly scheduled visit 😦

Why am I telling you this, because I really wanted to see him this weekend but I don’t want him to feel worse than he already does, so lucky you… I put it all on you.  Thinking of canceling your subscription yet? Lol.

Love and Later Days,



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