Kindle is like a crack dealer…

I have never bought a Kindle, I never felt the need because I have had a laptop and smartphone forever.  I did, however, like what they had to offer.  I’ve had the apps on both my computer and phone since they were made available.

I got Amazon Prime back in 2008 or 2009 because it came as a free addition when it was in beta testing. I love it because I order damn near everything from Amazon and I do mean Everything! From earrings to bedframes to clothing to books and everything comes at a discount or has free shipping.

So recently, to get a few books out there, amazon has been offering free books, well they always did but here’s the difference between the other books and these… these are series collections.  They give you the first 3 or 4 in the series for free.  Then the next few are 99 cents.  Any books after that are 5 dollars and up.  They got me hooked and there’s no 12 step for this ya’ll.  The books are good and get better as the series goes on…

I need help ya’ll…

Love and Later days,



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