Decoding text messages…

I heard this one the other day on the Steve Harvey Show.  I don’t normally watch but I was trying to put Bubba down for his nap, which means I was in the living room channel surfing.

Anywhosal, there was this pretty chic on his show, she was telling Steve that she couldn’t understand what some guy she had been dating meant by the texts he sent. He went from texting everyday, all day to only responding to her text.  They sat there going through the texts, line by line trying to figure out what he may have meant by some of the text.  He would end most of his text with “you’re right beautiful”, “I’m sorry, my queen” and all types of crap like that.  By the end of the segment he was talking about fixing her up with some other dude.

Here’s the problem with the segment, there was nothing to decipher. They apparently went out the night before, she sent him a message saying she had a great time and she was home safely. He texts back, “great, I’ll call you before I go to sleep.”  NO MESSAGES.  She gets up the next morning sends a text, he apologizes and goes about his day.  She says she didn’t receive any messages from him that day or for a few days after. Hello!  That was the message! When a man likes you and he’s interested; he will call, text, send flowers, hell he’ll send smoke signals if need be, to let you know he’s interested. Some folks will say well he could have been busy.  He could have been running late… yup and he could have been kidnapped by Martians and anal probed but if any of those things had happened he still would have made time to send off a text, even if all it said was “hi”,”thinking of you” or “getting probed up the ass, call you when I get back to Earth” because that man wouldn’t want to give you the impression that his lack of attention means he’s  not interested.

More time passes and she sends him another text and says some shit like, “miss hearing from you”, he sends back “Just because he’s not talking to her, doesn’t mean he’s not thinking of her” um yeah, it does… She sends back, “actions speak louder than words”, he says “you’re right beautiful, things have been crazy at work… I just need some time”.  And there it is… Someone who wants to be with you, will make time for you.  Whether it’s a phone call to hear your voice, a spontaneous date or inviting you over for take out.  He’s going to make time.  Now you can sit there and shake your head at me and make excuses all day long for that dude but he wasn’t feeling her or he was deciding between her and someone else. Either way she wasn’t a big priority to him and he did everything but come out and say the words.

Women do this too… how many times have you gone out with a guy and he was nice enough but you weren’t feeling him or you weren’t sure about him? Then something happens: you get a flat tire or sick or just have the day off and he calls.  You tell him you have a flat and your stuck.  He offers to come get you, you say “no, that’s ok”. You’re home sick, dying… he calls and offers to bring you some chicken soup, ginger ale and to throw some cuddles your way, you say “no, I’m…cough, cough, wheeze, cough… good”. You have a day off, he says “Hey, want to go shopping”, you’re like”no, I’m cool.  I don’t need anything”.  Looking into the empty refrigerator.  Even though you need or want all those things, you don’t want him to get the wrong idea, that you’re interested, until you’ve decided whether you want to move forward. So you turn him down, ignore his text and barely answer his texts.

I say all this to say, if someone wants to be with you, you don’t have to decipher anything, they will tell you and tell you often… thoughts?

Love and Later Days.



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