I love working from home… but I don’t…

I’m tech support for a lot of different companies.  You may have even spoken to me a couple of times at different companies.  I have done/do everything from call centers (telephone), to chats.  Emails and video chat.  There are plenty of upsides to working from home, my favorites are; I’m able to wear my pajamas, (except when I have to do tech support via video chat), no commute, I don’t really pay for daycare… depending on the gig (Like if it’s chat or email only) I have the baby in the room with me while I work and can play with him while I wait for responses.  When I have to do phones or video, I hire a babysitter and I’m able to “visit” with him on breaks and lunch in either his room or the living room.  I also have healthier lunches but I do drink more coffee than when I work at a “brick and mortar” job, that’s @home slang for working in an office building rather than from home. No matter my hours, I get to see my family.  Although, I have an office, they’re not allowed in for obvious reasons, so I go “visit” with them, on breaks and lunches too. That allows me to find out how their days went and stuff.  I also get to eat dinner with them every night. Bonus: Training is always paid.

The downside, I don’t care how much you have worked on a “campaign”, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, have to train for the position.  I have one I’ve worked every year from the fall through the spring, sometimes (rarely) in the summer, I still have to be trained for it, even though NOTHING changes from year to year.  So training can be boring as hell except when you’re learning the new agent tools.  I’m a “hands on learner”, I’m the one who throws the instructions on the ground, pours a drink and looks at the parts…  To instruct me on what to do, I get a little confused but put it in my hands and I know it forever.

The other part that’s not so great (at first), is the pay… it’s kinda of on the low side for the first campaign (company assignments) or two you work, like when you’re temping.  After you complete those, if you’re on time (yes people are late to work logging into a computer) and have no absences, you have the opportunity to earn more money and advance. My goal is to either become an interviewer, recruiter or trainer.  Maybe even become a Tier 3, which is the support for Tech Support.  If a Tier 2 (me) can’t find an answer, we email a T3, they have more information and know the product even better. They don’t want the agents to become overwhelmed with information, so Tier 2 knows most but Tier3 knows all and they only talk to employees.

I like my co-workers, I’ve actually made a few friends. They’re great support. Management is always pretty cool too.  The only other thing I don’t like is, people in my real life, don’t think I have a job.  People still call or drop by thinking I have time to talk or hang out on their days off.  I have to stay out of sight when it comes to Bubba too because he sees me and gets mad because I can’t play trucks with him or watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  So I have to “low-crawl” to the bathroom. He misses his kisses and hugs too, truthfully, so do I. But I do appreciate my schedule it allows me to put him down for naps and keep him home a little longer.  I like our lunches together too.  Today we had salmon, string beans and rice. I know this time is fleeting, I’ve raised one and the other is two years away from graduating high school, so I really want to enjoy this time.  Yeah, he has to go to Daycare soon for socialization skills but not yet.

Love and Later Days 🙂



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