Pending Move to the NC…

There’s a lot  happening right now with me and my family. Raleigh told my (soon to be) step-kiddies about the pending move. I think it bothered him a little that they weren’t excited about it like he anticipated. To be honest, the kids are sort of like that… they have to “warm up” to a situation. Like when we visit or when they come visit for a while, they’re never excited but after a couple of hours they relax and the fun ensues. Whether it’s dance offs or playing “Heads up” (an app game like charades). Luckily, we don’t have one of the problems that most blended families have, the kids not liking each other, our kids get along great.

Idk if I mentioned it before, our youngest daughters are the same age and they have the same birthday. His son acts like a older brother to the girls, so he’s protective and bossy when it comes to both girls. They also drive him insane and they all enjoy playing with and watching out for their youngest brother (me and Raleigh’s toddler together). This makes everything easier when we’re all together.

The thing that has been making me anxious is, here in Myrtle Beach we don’t really have any family here, it’s just us. My friends and all my family, except one Aunt and Uncle, are in Philadelphia. I mean I know folks down here but not really “friends”. When Raleigh and I go out with others it’s either an at “work thing” or family who have come to town to visit.

When we move to NC, he will be around family and friends and I won’t have anyone there. I’m worried about him gravitating closer to them and away from me. The other thing is, Raleigh is like my youngest son.  My youngest is 14 years younger than our two younger daughters. Raleigh is about 15 years younger than his oldest sister, she was an adult by the time he came along. His brother is between 11 and 13 years older than him. They’re like parents more so than siblings. I don’t really have a great history with “in-laws” and I worry about them coming over a lot. I like to have company and to entertain but with me having a toddler, if you pop up at my house, you could pop up on anything. I mean toys all over the house, food in my hair. He could be in dirty clothes or playing in the toilet (especially now with him being able to break out of his playpen).  I don’t want someone to coming over “judging” what’s going on at my house.  I’m worried about the first disagreement I have with one of his sisters because of how it may effect us.  I know a lot of this stuff is unwarranted stress and just me being in my head too much but this is the best and healthiest relationship I have ever been in, Raleigh’s truly my best friend. We can talk about everything, stuff that could have broken other couples, makes us stronger and hold on tighter to each other.  We’re each other’s built in Cheerleaders.  It’s been almost 4 years and I swear, I’m still happy to see him and he grins like crazy when I pick him up from work, just like he used to be when I would pick him up from the bus station when we first started dating and he was 200 miles away and I don’t want anyone or anything to mess up my relationship.

I’m praying my fears and anxiety is all in in my head and won’t be an issue.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Love and Later Days,
















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