Looking forward to…

I couldn’t wait to move to Myrtle Beach with my family. I love it here, I do, I just can’t afford to live here anymore. The cost of living down here is low but the jobs I’m qualified for are limited or pay next to nothing. What do you expect when you have an Administrative and IT background and you live in a community that thrives off of seasonal employment. (Most) Apartment complexes around here requires you to earn 3xs the rent. Most jobs around here pays about 2xs your rent.  The ones you qualify for, based on that formula, aren’t in safe neighborhoods.

Now that we’re moving to Raleigh or Durham in the next few weeks, I’m sad to leave the sand but not the situation. I’m tired of never having enough money, paying late fees waiting on the next paycheck to come through. I want to get to the day I get to turn around and relive my struggle and smile. I’m tired of living in the struggle. We have the tshirt eCommerce business up and running but not a single sale. If we could get some sales there that added income would help tremendously. Lord I’m tired, living in a hotel, barely making ends meet. Calling different bill collectors to ask for extensions on everything. I’m just tired. Now the girl that has been giving us an amazing discount on our room has been fired, so I expect the rate to go up. I’m exhausted and would love to rest on the notion that the bills are paid on time and everyone’s ok.

Keep me in your thoughts.

Love and Later Days,



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