Cast of Characters

Being as I’m an idiot and sometimes a little ‘noid, I have deleted all blogs from my previous years, so if you’re new to my post you may not know who some of the ppl, I  bitch talk about, are… here is your complete guide to the characters who pop up in my blog (often).

Airforce 1- A man I met on Okcupid.  He’s retired from the United States Airforce.

Big Guy– A man I was in a relationship with for a while. We broke up and he got married. We’re friends now.

Busboy-  An alcoholic ex boyfriend. I named him Busboy because of his job as a bus driver.

Evie- another blogger here on WordPress, who reminds me constantly that murder is against the law in all 50 states (damn it).  She has a crappy love life (like me) and we often compare notes.  Her love life has recently taken a turn for the better.

GGD – Yet another blogger on WordPress who has a craptastic online and RL dating life, that mirrors my own at times.

Ice Cream- A guy that offered to take me out for ice cream and text me once a week to ask me out but never set a date.

the Mechanic-  The first guy to ask me out when I first moved to Myrtle Beach (who I didn’t already know before I relocated from Philadelphia). I call him the Mechanic for obvious reasons.

Morocco – A new guy I’m talking to on OKStupid.  He and I haven’t gone on our first date yet but we’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks now that he is back from Morocco.

Mother- My mom, she became ill in 2000 and has lived with me since 2008 following my Dad having a stroke and her having 4 strokes of her own.

Preach – A minister I dated for about a year

Perry – A guy I see from time to time that I met online.  I call him Perry because for some reason he reminds me of Tyler Perry, except for the fact he doesn’t have his namesakes dough and I’m starting to believe he’s a CIA agent.

Raleigh – The man I’m currently engaged to, originally from an area near Raleigh, NC.

Rembrant – An artist fella I met on Okcupid.

Shagging in SC (formally known as Fun Philly/Kay)- Me

TV Guy – The guy who I break up with and have gotten back together with about a million times over the last 3 years.  I call him TV Guy because he lies like the media and he bought me a 42″ flat panel television when we first got together and took it back after our first breakup.

That’s everyone for now, if any new ppl show up in my sad, little life.  I’ll add them to the list.

Later Days,



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