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What to write…what to write…

Well now that I’m no longer single, I didn’t know what to write at first.  I knew I still wanted to write about dating and relationships but how.  Then it hit me, I have conversations with my girlfriends and cousins all the time about relationships, so why not with you guys.

Some of you have been rocking with me for years and know I can be heavy handed sometimes but I want this to be a conversation, if possible. Before I publish my next post, I just want you to know, I don’t play that “cyber-bully” crap (Which will actually be a topic eventually), I censor all of my comments, always have and even though I appreciate different point of views, I will not have anyone being disrespectful here.  Not to me or any one who comments on my blog. I’ve done it in the past and will continue to do it to keep this a safe place for discussion.  With that being said, I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Later Days!


Two types of responses and I’m not interested in either …

Another thing slowly becoming a pet peeve of mine, and almost tied for first place with text with grammar and spelling errors, shitty email responses.

Not in the sense that they are mean or sarcastic but in the sense, there is no thought put into them at all. I send you a nice intro email, “Hi my name is Kay, I read your profile and I think it would be great to get to know you better. Tell me, when was the last time you went snowboarding/read a good book/ went to Napa (That part is edited depending on whatever it is you said you do for fun).  I close with something like, “hope to hear from u -K”.  After all of that energy I put into writing you I get “hi” or a damn “form” letter.  You know what I mean, the one that is prewritten and he just inserts your name. 

Why does this bother me? How am I to start a conversation with that?  At first I would think they weren’t interested, then later that day or the next I get another email. It says something like, “can I get your number to text you?”.  W-T-F.  It makes it hard for me to get to the “I wanna meet you stage”, mainly because I’m a girl, damn it.  Chase me.  I want to be pursued, feel wanted and sexy.  I’m not chasing a guy down in real life or online.

Okay, I’m  done (I think).

Love and Later Days,


Should I be concerned?

New message in my inbox: “I’m a naughty boy… Speed Rocks… I like fast cars… and the feeling of danger…”

How does someone respond to that? “Um…ok”.

Where do they find these people? And why do they think he’s an 86% match to my profile? My tagline isn’t “die young, leave a pretty corpse.”

Love and Later Days,


I sent Ashton Kutcher a tweet…

I wanted to know if I’m being Punk’d.  For the past month my fb inbox has looked like the ghost of boyfriends past. Only one missing is Bus Boy because the day he uses fb, hell will truly have frozen over. 

You would be so proud of me. I told every single one to “fuck off”, without actually using those words or being a shit. I even inquired about their families, wished them the best, but let them know I wanted them to continue to stay out of my life.

I’m breathing baby. Inhale the future, exhale the past and embracing the present. They are Exs for a reason and I don’t care to revisit the reasoning.

In past relationships I have given so much of myself, I damn near turned myself inside out. I received slim or no support, lies and bullshit for my troubles.  I promised myself this year to be more selfish. I always worry about hurting others, yet they have no regard for me or my feelings unless it benefits them. Screw them and u know what it felt good to tell those assholes to take a walk.

Love and Later Days,


Welcome, welcome, welcome…

I noticed recently that I have a bunch of new readers and I thought I would say hi to you all. 

I apologize in advance for my rants, poor grammar, misspellings (sp), drunk posts and out and out break downs (bet you’re glad you decided to follow me now, lol.

I’m a dating mess. After I get a date, I’m awesome but getting there is the problem, probably because I rarely go out and it seems every man online interested in me is Futz. So going out with someone whom I share chemistry is great but someone who won’t duct tape me and put me in the basement is fantastic.

Again, welcome to my world, my brain and my therapy sessions.

Love and Later Days,


Is something in your damn eye???

Why on earth would you send a “wink” and not be interested? Did u just look at my pictures, send the wink and then read my profile?

In his “kiss off” email he says, “no offense but I prefer a young woman with no children, Good Luck on your journey”. Good luck with that buddy. Either change your location of looking or the age dynamic because from 16 to 40 in Philly you can’t spit and not hit a single mother or divorced mother. (Btw… did he just call me old?)

Okay, done with my rant. In other news, Ice Cream texted me yesterday and asked can we go out next week. If, “you still want to meet me.” Wtf? I need a cocktail.

Love and Later Days,


I panicked and went on a winking spree…

I have to admit. I haven’t been favorited but by one person and although I have a shitload of winks there hasn’t been any emails but one 😦 Ice cream guy. Who recently has sent another vague text. I don’t know what game he’s playing.

Anywhosal, I re-wrote  my profile and after it was up for a whopping 20 minutes, I freaked out and ran a quick search.  Anybody who has been on within 24 hrs got a wink. I know, I know, I opened the door to a whole lotta cray cray.

Idk why I get so damn insecure online. In person I have no problems. But online I come across, Idk, bland I guess. Isn’t it normally the other way around?

So let’s see what kind of crazy I’ve dug up.

Love and Later Days,


I scream, you scream, we all scream… for nothing

Well, I had to reschedule the date with Ice Cream. He hasn’t called or text since the raincheck. Is it me? Am I the chick who goes for unavailable guys?

He seemed interested. I was being pleasant… wtf. I’m not into looks, never have been. I have always been a sucker for how a man treated me… keyword sucker.  Hold my door, light my cigarette, have manners, be funny, don t owe the IRS and we are cool.  Basically  Robert from the Cosby Show (Dondre Whitfield)  Hell I’ll even take his  character Sean from Girlfriends.   He was a sex addict but addicted to his GF.

IDK I think the kind of guy I like and can love may be extinct. A gentleman with a sense of humor. No sarcasm as a first language.  I I have seen my share of misery.
I just want shits and giggles.

Love and Later Days,


Think like a man???

Watched the movie today, for the third time but the first time in it’s entirety.  The idea behind the book made me nauseous. The movie made me sick. Not the comedy part the comedians made laugh but another book about playing games from a man who’s been divorced 3 or four times?  I’m not hating. Make your money Steve but I don’t like the game playing. 90 days for probation to ride a bike? Shit my jobs only do 30. Sport fish? Cookie? Look my concept about dating is simple. Date, ride bikes, get dressed up. Don’t get in a monogamous and committed relationship unless you see yourself marry your partner. Cheating happens not because he’s selfish or he doesn’t listen to you. It happens because the significant other is not ready to be with one person. Period. If he’s not ready or you’re not, no amount of game playing is gonna make you ready. It will make that person delay cheating. 

Come on ladies we are better than this shit.

Love and Later Days,