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it’s been a loooooong time.

For all of my old readers, great to see you are still hanging in there and still waiting for me to say something interesting.  Well, here I am 2 years after my move to South Carolina from Philadelphia, PA.  I’m still in love with Myrtle Beach, which I refer to as the Myrtle. And to get you caught up on what I have been up to…

Last you read, I was single.  Looking for love online, raising two girls alone and trying desperately to hold on to my sanity.  I had just met Raleigh and we were just starting to get to know each other.  Here’s Raleigh’s stats, we are the same age, born one month apart.  He had two children, a son and daughter.  His daughter, coincidentally, has the same birthday and is the same age as my youngest daughter.  He lived near Raleigh (hence his moniker) and he loved him some Kay.

Fast Forward.  We are now engaged, yes chile.  He brought a Uhaul for the baggage I was carrying around all these years, lol. We have a new baby boy, bringing our children total to 5.  We are going to try for another after we get married this year in October.  I don’t want to waddle down the aisle.

He relocated here, to be with me, a little over a year ago and we haven’t had a dull day yet…  well we don’t think so, others might.  I mean a fun night for us is a bottle of wine, shared with soft music and funny conversation.

I’m back to working from home, 2nd shift and he works 1st shift outside of the home.  Funny, we do the same thing for a living.  We’re looking for a new place and we’re just so fricken happy.  We’re working on a book together and starting a new business.  For the first time in forever, I look forward to the future.

I didn’t think I would blog again, but I figured if someone wanted to listen, I damn sure will talk, lol.  Also, I wanted you to hear how I have been. We have been talking about finding The One for so long that I figured you ought to know I found him and know what we’re up to.

So until next time…

Love and Later Days,










Viewing dates through dork colored glasses…

If these guys would really take a good look at their profiles most of them wouldn’t put them up. 

I’m thirty-six, so my dating range is 35 – 50.  In that age bracket I don’t want to see profile pics with grown ass men in wife beaters and sagging jeans with work boats on. I want to see pics of grown ass men doing grown men things. Not a bunch of bar shots.  Can’t I see a pic of you at a wedding (preferably not his), a picture of you on a cruise or maybe bowling. Grown people things.

While we’re on the subject of grown men. Women, you need to pimp your game up.  If one more guy asks to come to my house and “chill” or talks about a buffet or restaurant that has a 2 for $20 or $6.99 meal like they’re talking about a five star restaurant, I will scream!  Why did I say women? Because if so many of you would stop making it so easy on these men, I wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Ok done ranting. Goodnight good ppl.  Happy hunting…

Love and Later Days,


I sent Ashton Kutcher a tweet…

I wanted to know if I’m being Punk’d.  For the past month my fb inbox has looked like the ghost of boyfriends past. Only one missing is Bus Boy because the day he uses fb, hell will truly have frozen over. 

You would be so proud of me. I told every single one to “fuck off”, without actually using those words or being a shit. I even inquired about their families, wished them the best, but let them know I wanted them to continue to stay out of my life.

I’m breathing baby. Inhale the future, exhale the past and embracing the present. They are Exs for a reason and I don’t care to revisit the reasoning.

In past relationships I have given so much of myself, I damn near turned myself inside out. I received slim or no support, lies and bullshit for my troubles.  I promised myself this year to be more selfish. I always worry about hurting others, yet they have no regard for me or my feelings unless it benefits them. Screw them and u know what it felt good to tell those assholes to take a walk.

Love and Later Days,


Think like a man???

Watched the movie today, for the third time but the first time in it’s entirety.  The idea behind the book made me nauseous. The movie made me sick. Not the comedy part the comedians made laugh but another book about playing games from a man who’s been divorced 3 or four times?  I’m not hating. Make your money Steve but I don’t like the game playing. 90 days for probation to ride a bike? Shit my jobs only do 30. Sport fish? Cookie? Look my concept about dating is simple. Date, ride bikes, get dressed up. Don’t get in a monogamous and committed relationship unless you see yourself marry your partner. Cheating happens not because he’s selfish or he doesn’t listen to you. It happens because the significant other is not ready to be with one person. Period. If he’s not ready or you’re not, no amount of game playing is gonna make you ready. It will make that person delay cheating. 

Come on ladies we are better than this shit.

Love and Later Days,


I Scream, you scream, we all scream for… a date!

A sweet thing happened today. One of my suitors (yeah, yeah I said suitors) texted me today and asked me out for ice cream. I know what your thinking. Corny but I think it’s refreshing in a world of corner bars, hook ups and “can I come over and watch a movie” line.  I got a rain check because honestly I look a mess and I don’t think my first impression should be of me with bed head and wearing either pajamas or scrubs because my ass is too fat for my jeans these days.

Anywhosal, I look forward to going out with this guy not because he’s great looking (although he is cute enough to make me babble) or becauase he has a great job or personality but just because his idea for a first date shows he wants to get to know me not just get me drunk and into my pants. And just in case you haven’t figured it out yet his FP name will be Ice Cream.

Love and Later Days,


I started this, when???

This is my love letter to my followers. I wrote this blog to avoid taking medication for the voices in my head, lol. What happened next I didn’t expect. Ppl actually gave a damn about what I had to say, go figure. I can’t believe it’s been more than three years.

You were with me when I realized I didn’t, in fact, have drinking problem but a ppl problem.  Again when I wanted to start a business and when I went back to school.  You have been with me through 3 laptops and the death of my father. Now you listen to me bitch about this move, all with no judgement.  For that I love you dear readers. I follow your blogs and I’m tickled pink to find out I’m not actually nuts, thank you for that.

I’m a few weeks from moving to a new city and new men. I’m excited about going out again, getting my life back, actually brushing my hair and putting on clothes again. Hell, I’m excited about getting laid. I can’t wait to get the butterflies in my stomach again. I’m a little disappointed about not having “stir events” in or around Myrtle Beach but maybe that will change in a month or so… 

I’m a little disappointed that I will still be in Philly on April fools day but what can I do. I’m anxious to see my aunt and Big Guy. Anywhosal, back to you. I’m hoping the change in locations will put the Fun back in this Philly and you guys can go back to laughing at me enjoying my post.

Love, Later Days and thank you for listening.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

No truer statement has ever been made.  I try not to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. I have teeth mark scars on my tongue that will be on there forever because I bite my tongue constantly to prevent me from saying the wrong thing. Not the bullshit wrong thing, I mean the shit you say about people that irk u only to your special gossip person. I know I say some things that maybe I should keep to myself but not the things I should really keep to myself or shouldn’t be saying at all.  Things like “his penis is so small he should get a disability check”, “did u see how ugly that kid was? She know she better pray that kid is smart.” or “does she only own fun house mirrors in her house?” You know the mean girl shit.  That’s why I blog, lol.

Here lately my filter has been acting up. Malfunctioning, if u will. Well not actually malfunctioning per se more like, I haven’t been turning it on… at all. Normally, when I’ve had a little too much to drink, I turn it down but it has never been off like this before because as I stated earlier in this blog it is never my intention to hurt someone’s feelings. However, I must tell you it has felt good to say fuck off. It has felt good to tell someone I wish his penis was as big as his ego, hell as big as his index finger and I like the way it feels to say no, repeatedly.  No I don’t have any cigarettes, no I don’t have any alcohol so you can have a drink, no I won’t watch your kid/grand kid. Just no, no, no, NO. And it feels great! This selfish shit is awesome. I’m loving it. For one thing u have more free time.  I have fulfilled all of my 2012 obligations, everything I promised I would help with this year I have done. Now with 2013 approaching I have no intention of creating new obligations… making new promises because although I said I would help these folks, although I made these promises, all of this happened before my life started going to shit.  The people I made the promises to never thought to ask someone else and I don’t break promises or do work half-ass. So I kept my word, finished a couple of projects, wrote a couple letter’s to a couple of judges on folks behalf and now. I’m done. I hope everyone got what they needed from me, I hope I have helped more than I hurt and I hope that people appreciated my sacrifices and if they didn’t, well, FUCK em.

Told you my filter was off :/

Love and Later Days,


I’m writing again…

Those of you who are old time readers who have been falling down the rabbit hole with me, know I have been writing for years and trying to get up the nerve to get published. Well u will be happy to know I’m writing again and I found my original manuscript that was supposed to be published a couple of years ago (and I stupidly) forgot to back up. I have spent my mom’s naptimes to write and now I think at night (since I’m not sleeping) I will start to put the old manuscript on the new(ish) laptop and back it up on a flash drive. 

The other thing is I will be signing up for Fall semester classes to finish my RN courses at Horry – Georgetown. I have to finish things that I have started. Close all of my doors to open new ones. I’m excited to see what new doors will open when all of the old ones are closed. I can finish the manuscripts and see if they get published. If they aren’t good enough to be published, fine I know they aren’t good enough and I can move forward. Close that door to make room for something else but I won’t have to wonder about whether they were good enough anymore.  The courses, I can stop wondering if I have what it takes to get my RN. If I fail courses, I’ll know… I’ll know that an LVN is my future, I may not be happy with these discoveries but at least I will know.

Love and Later Days,


That’s what they’re not getting…

People are under the assumption that my move to Myrtle Beach, SC is me snatching up my family and running away from Philly and any problems I may have here… not so.  I’m actually running toward something.  A better future for my children, more freedom for me, a slower pace, less (street) drugs, more quiet.  The latter being the most important. Anyone who lives or have lived for an extended period of time in a Metro/Urban/City setting knows there isn’t any quiet. (I used all terms because frankly I don’t know which one is being used at the moment). There is constantly the sound of police, fire or EMS sirens. The sound of cars, trolleys, trains or buses. The sound of horns honking, neighbors arguing, having fun or having sex (it’s like living in a transient motel), people speaking loudly on their mobiles while walking down the street. Just noise 24/7.

The schools have more extra curriculum activities. Your kids can play outside with no real threat of shootings. Twice last year someone ran through my youngest daughter’s elementary school with a weapon, it is so common they have a code for it (red) and have drills for it (the teacher is to cover the windows to the hall and turn out the lights).

My mom will be around Seniors her own age and get to socialize (because it’s not safe in this area, I don’t take her outside because I can’t get her back inside safely and quickly enough).

And with my mom living alone I get to spend more time with my daughters.  The change is good for all of us.  This move has been almost 5 years in the making, although it isn’t the way I wanted (my dad with us) it’s still going to happen. Everyday I get a little more excited and a little sadder, not because I am leaving the city I loved for so long (before it completely went to hell) but because we aren’t in SC yet.

Love and later days,