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Getting my shit together…

I love that Raleigh has made sure I could pretty much stay home with Bubba for the last 16, almost 17 months.  He has done overtime at work and anything else necessary to make sure everything is paid so that I can just enjoy my last (?) child.  I do work, here and there but it’s seasonal.  One thing I didn’t bank on when I moved to  a “Beach” town, was employment being so scarce. This is giving me time to figure some shit out.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do but I do have some ideas.  Right now I’m setting up an ecommerce store, meaning basically, I create the “virtual” product and find a distributor who does POD (print on demand) there are a lot of self publishers who do this too. So far either I have liked the “storefront” but not be able to link my distributor or I’ve found a POD that has a “storefront” included and I hate it.

The last couple of days I have been working out the product and concentrating less on the store front, this allows me to not lose my mind.  I just keep thinking positive, you know the old “if you build it, they will come.” It’s nothing that will generate a whole lot of revenue but it’s something.  I also get to put a little “me” out there because the product contains my snarky.

I’ve also been taking conversational Spanish online to tighten up my Español (see what I did there 😀 ), I’ll be more marketable, provided I become completely fluent before Bubba graduates High School. I’m the chic who knows how to get her needs met in Spanish (don’t be dirty).  I can ask where my cigarettes are, order a Hamburger and beer, a shot of just about any liquor, order a drink.  Tell you my name, ask you to pronounce something for me, ask directions, tell you where I’m from and ask directions.  Tell you how old I am, count and say my alphabet. The latter is cool, if I can’t say something, I can always spell it.  But that’s it folks.  That’s all and I can read Spanish well, I just have trouble speaking it most times because after you say something to me, I have to translate in my head. Think of my response and then translate it back into Spanish before saying it and even then the other person mostly ends up laughing at me.  Sort of why I don’t trust translators.  How do I know that you’re really saying what’s being said?  Like the guy who translated for Governor Nikki Haley in American Sign language, Jason Hurdich, he looked like he was having way too much fun, telling us we were all about to die and to evacuate.  Don’t believe me?  Click his name in this post or google him and hurricane Mattew, you’ll see what I mean.  It gave me flash backs to that douche bag who was the Sign Language Translator for Nelson Mandela’s Memorial back in 2013, remember him, we later found out he was a fraud! I don’t think they ever found out who he was… what were his intentions? Now Jason is the real deal but, well, ya’ll know I’m paranoid, lol.  Off track, sorry.

I’m still doing tech support from home but it doesn’t pay well.  It does cover the car note and insurance but I want to get back into my own home, (we’ve been living in a hotel for two months).  The one we’re staying in is actually built like an apartment and has wifi and cable but we can’t stay here much longer, the prices will go up as soon as we closer to the beginning of the season, which is either next month or March. I have a few places in mind but there are waiting lists. I’m praying for one place in particular, it has a playground and it’s in a safe area.  My main goal is to have the kids settled. We want to save money to buy a house so we don’t have to worry about this crap anymore, I want to pay the car off this year so we only have to deal with insurance and annual taxes. Daycare is a bear so I at least have to work from home until we can afford to pay three weeks of daycare up front to make sure we don’t incur late fees after he starts.  He needs it for his socialization skills to grow.  He’s okay now but he needs to be around other kids his age because right now he doesn’t really talk, he can, but he knows grunts and whining will get what he needs, so that’s his prefered method of communication.  I just want him to flourish, he’s smart and funny.  I just want him to have all he needs.

Raleigh is also looking at a job that pays double what he makes now, which would be a blessing. He’s about to pull his hair out waiting on his second interview.  The first interviewer promised him she’d email him on Monday, following the initial interview and that hasn’t happened, so he’s over here stressing.  I can say this, I’m really glad I don’t have to do the single parent thing anymore.

Trying to keep it light and stress free, but you guys know me ;D

Love and Later Days!





Yes! I’m Hormonal damn it…

Fellas, I’m sorry in advance, run while you still can.

Now that they’re gone, Ladies, can we talk? I have been in Hormone Hell for over 2 years.

I was pregnant from the end of 2014 to August 2015, yes I was hormonal.

I began breastfeeding, yes I was hormonal.

I began birth control for the first time in 15 years because before I got preggers with Bubba, I thought (for medical reasons) I couldn’t get pregnant anymore, yes I was hormonal.

I came off of birth control because I couldn’t lose any weight, yes I’m hormonal.

I just got my Auntie Flo back after 2 YEARS.  The first one lasted over a month.  Let me say that again because it bears repeating, ONE MONTH WITH AUNT FUCKING FLO, yes I hormonal.

Give me a break, I cry for no reason.  I get angry at the drop of a hat. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed. My hair has fallen out, all of it. My nails won’t grow.  I have acne like I’m 16. I hurt all of the time because I’m fat as hell. I get confused and forget shit all the time. My mind wanders. I’m irritable. None of my damn clothes fit and most days I look like shit because I’m chasing a toddler, while working from home at the same damn time. Most of this is because of my hormones are out of control.  I have to deal with all of that and still function like a normal and sane person.  It’s damn difficult. I spent about 10 minutes looking for the phone and I was actually holding it walking around the house listening in on a conference call.

Why did I write this post, say it with me folks, BECAUSE YES, I’m hormonal!

Think like a man???

Watched the movie today, for the third time but the first time in it’s entirety.  The idea behind the book made me nauseous. The movie made me sick. Not the comedy part the comedians made laugh but another book about playing games from a man who’s been divorced 3 or four times?  I’m not hating. Make your money Steve but I don’t like the game playing. 90 days for probation to ride a bike? Shit my jobs only do 30. Sport fish? Cookie? Look my concept about dating is simple. Date, ride bikes, get dressed up. Don’t get in a monogamous and committed relationship unless you see yourself marry your partner. Cheating happens not because he’s selfish or he doesn’t listen to you. It happens because the significant other is not ready to be with one person. Period. If he’s not ready or you’re not, no amount of game playing is gonna make you ready. It will make that person delay cheating. 

Come on ladies we are better than this shit.

Love and Later Days,


Put on a damn shirt!!!

I’m tired of the shirtless selfie profile pics. I know guys are trying to grab attention but as my mother use to tell my sister and I, use your words.  Maybe in my twenties it might have grabbed my attention but now, I’m a grown ass woman. Show me that you can talk to me, that if we’re together I wanna know we aren’t gonna be watching cartoons and reality shows, eating McDonalds on a sofa supported by crates because you spend all ur money on weights, weed and supplements.

Send me a great guy, nice smile, and good job.  Respectful, not in a relationship who lives alone, preferably with grown kids who live in their own homes.  He should be able to carry a conversation but not be uncomfortable with silence. He’s able to be around strangers (because I like to travel and throw dinner parties) I want someone who can go out or stay in like to wear jeans or a tux. I don’t think that’s much to ask for, do you. I also need him to either like his job or be indifferent to it because I don’t want him bitching about his job every time we get together.

Okay, I think I’m done.

Love and Later Days,


I started this, when???

This is my love letter to my followers. I wrote this blog to avoid taking medication for the voices in my head, lol. What happened next I didn’t expect. Ppl actually gave a damn about what I had to say, go figure. I can’t believe it’s been more than three years.

You were with me when I realized I didn’t, in fact, have drinking problem but a ppl problem.  Again when I wanted to start a business and when I went back to school.  You have been with me through 3 laptops and the death of my father. Now you listen to me bitch about this move, all with no judgement.  For that I love you dear readers. I follow your blogs and I’m tickled pink to find out I’m not actually nuts, thank you for that.

I’m a few weeks from moving to a new city and new men. I’m excited about going out again, getting my life back, actually brushing my hair and putting on clothes again. Hell, I’m excited about getting laid. I can’t wait to get the butterflies in my stomach again. I’m a little disappointed about not having “stir events” in or around Myrtle Beach but maybe that will change in a month or so… 

I’m a little disappointed that I will still be in Philly on April fools day but what can I do. I’m anxious to see my aunt and Big Guy. Anywhosal, back to you. I’m hoping the change in locations will put the Fun back in this Philly and you guys can go back to laughing at me enjoying my post.

Love, Later Days and thank you for listening.


My house…

Well the Realtor called today. I got the house. I just need a month and a half’s rent to move in… I had 2700 in the budget for my housing. I have to pay 1275. I got the house if I want it.

So now we are just awaiting the money. Once that comes we are good to go. For that to come I need the letter from my mom’s doctor to send to the DoD and the a wait period of up to 30 calendar days.  Waiting on Social Security too. Not much longer thank God. Once I get my mom’s benefits straight I will feel better. I already signed her lease, after my Aunt takes a look at the condo for me and the girls, I will know what to do, either keep looking or send a deposit.  It’s in my price range and near the beach.

In other news, really trying to keep from paying for my membership to right now. I don’t want it started this soon. You know how guys online are. You talk for a out two minutes online and they wanna meet, unless they are willing to drive over 400 miles to meet me, so might as well wait.  I think my bday gift to myself this year will be a six month membership, that will get me to the Fall, if by then I haven’t met anyone either through the site or in person, I will cancel the membership and stop dating altogether for a while because apparently it won’t be the men I have dates with the problem, it will officially be me.

I’m excited about the move as you all know because you have had to hear about for the last few years from one degree or another, now it’s time. In preparation to this move I have been trying to loose 40lbs and grow my hair out.  My hair is coming along wonderfully. The weight, well you gotta actually break a sweat to loose weight, so not so much. I’m trying to think of a fast way to get this weight off but everything I think of… I don’t wanna do *whining and stomping my feet with my head thrown back* where are the donuts I can eat to make the fat burn off? I can’t take diet pills because, well, they could kill me. I have an enlarged heart and asthma. If there is asprin in them it could cause me to have an attack, the speed that’s in diet pills will make my heart work even harder than it has to already (twice as hard as a normal heart). When I said I was dying to be then, I didn’t mean it literal. I want to get this weight off though, it’s killing my back and knees. I wake up every morning sore (I lie and say it’s my bed’s fault), I would love any suggestions, other tan don’t eat, I barely eat as it is… My weight gain is from too many coronas in the last year and no exercise. Let me know if you guys hear anything.

Love and Later Days,


P.S. miss your comments!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

No truer statement has ever been made.  I try not to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. I have teeth mark scars on my tongue that will be on there forever because I bite my tongue constantly to prevent me from saying the wrong thing. Not the bullshit wrong thing, I mean the shit you say about people that irk u only to your special gossip person. I know I say some things that maybe I should keep to myself but not the things I should really keep to myself or shouldn’t be saying at all.  Things like “his penis is so small he should get a disability check”, “did u see how ugly that kid was? She know she better pray that kid is smart.” or “does she only own fun house mirrors in her house?” You know the mean girl shit.  That’s why I blog, lol.

Here lately my filter has been acting up. Malfunctioning, if u will. Well not actually malfunctioning per se more like, I haven’t been turning it on… at all. Normally, when I’ve had a little too much to drink, I turn it down but it has never been off like this before because as I stated earlier in this blog it is never my intention to hurt someone’s feelings. However, I must tell you it has felt good to say fuck off. It has felt good to tell someone I wish his penis was as big as his ego, hell as big as his index finger and I like the way it feels to say no, repeatedly.  No I don’t have any cigarettes, no I don’t have any alcohol so you can have a drink, no I won’t watch your kid/grand kid. Just no, no, no, NO. And it feels great! This selfish shit is awesome. I’m loving it. For one thing u have more free time.  I have fulfilled all of my 2012 obligations, everything I promised I would help with this year I have done. Now with 2013 approaching I have no intention of creating new obligations… making new promises because although I said I would help these folks, although I made these promises, all of this happened before my life started going to shit.  The people I made the promises to never thought to ask someone else and I don’t break promises or do work half-ass. So I kept my word, finished a couple of projects, wrote a couple letter’s to a couple of judges on folks behalf and now. I’m done. I hope everyone got what they needed from me, I hope I have helped more than I hurt and I hope that people appreciated my sacrifices and if they didn’t, well, FUCK em.

Told you my filter was off :/

Love and Later Days,


I’m writing again…

Those of you who are old time readers who have been falling down the rabbit hole with me, know I have been writing for years and trying to get up the nerve to get published. Well u will be happy to know I’m writing again and I found my original manuscript that was supposed to be published a couple of years ago (and I stupidly) forgot to back up. I have spent my mom’s naptimes to write and now I think at night (since I’m not sleeping) I will start to put the old manuscript on the new(ish) laptop and back it up on a flash drive. 

The other thing is I will be signing up for Fall semester classes to finish my RN courses at Horry – Georgetown. I have to finish things that I have started. Close all of my doors to open new ones. I’m excited to see what new doors will open when all of the old ones are closed. I can finish the manuscripts and see if they get published. If they aren’t good enough to be published, fine I know they aren’t good enough and I can move forward. Close that door to make room for something else but I won’t have to wonder about whether they were good enough anymore.  The courses, I can stop wondering if I have what it takes to get my RN. If I fail courses, I’ll know… I’ll know that an LVN is my future, I may not be happy with these discoveries but at least I will know.

Love and Later Days,


Whole lotta shaking going on…

Well I have gotten back into the swing of things.  I finally contacted Eagle Crest. I contacted them to get information on Home Health Aids and Medical suppliers for my mom’s hospital bed. I had him mail me the info for the VA. It takes the VA time to get paperwork in order. I want them now, that way if they are asking for documentation that I need to get, I’ll know before we move.  Oh did I mention I have a tentative move date of March 1st. 

I have to pick up the girls school records, I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everything together. To be honest, I like keeping busy. I started cleaning out my closet today.  Damn I have a lot of crap that needs to be thrown out.

I talked to the realtor today, she’s confident that she can find what I’m looking for… Three bedroom, two bath in a good price range.  I’m getting excited again. Since I can do nothing but wait for the court’s guardianship decision I figured I would throw myself back into the move.  It’s working. I am sleeping at night again.  I feel like cooking again. I’m starting to feel like myself.

Love and Later Days,