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Still on the move…

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while or all the years I have been posting, know I have wanted to move to Myrtle Beach for a long time. I finally get here and things start falling apart. I lose my job, car and condo in that order. In losing my home, I had to allow my mom to move to a facility. This has saddened me beyond measure.  I got pregnant shortly after I lost my condo, a blessing with poor timing.

We lived in a motel where Raleigh worked shortly after he moved here, then a brief stay with my sister (twice), then it looked like we were out of the woods and then some financial difficulty and another job loss made us have to move back to a hotel. Raleigh has a family home that he shares ownership of with his siblings, so we will be moving there shortly. It made him sad to move, even though he will be moving closer to his children, who we see about every few weeks because they live a little over 4 hours away, he knows I had planned on never leaving Myrtle Beach after I moved here, so he feels he let us down. I don’t see it that way, I see it as another blessing because at least we have that option. He just wants to make me happy but happy to me is ensuring that our family has structure and stability. The plan (for now) is to move there (NC) until his youngest graduates high school, which is a year after my daughter does.

This will allow us to save for a home and come back here by the time it’s time for our son to start kindergarten. So now I’m planning this move that’s going to cost us over $1000 to do, I’m kind of numb to it right now.  I don’t really know how I feel about it, what I do know is I don’t care where I live with Raleigh and the kids as long as we’re safe and healthy. So, I’ll check in when the move has been completed. Keep me in your prayers, if you pray. Your thoughts if you don’t…

Love and Later Days



I’m back and I have a boyfriend…

Well I know you thought I fell of the face of the Earth but I did not… I have started a great new relationship with Raleigh and it is so great he is relocating here to Myrtle Beach to be closer to me and the kids.

I want you to know that isn’t why I stopped blogging, I stopped blogging because of WP’s stupid ass update that had all my blogs drafted locally to my phone.  The problem is now fixed (I think) and all is right with the world, lol  🙂

So I will not bore you with the details of what has gotten me to girlfriend status but I will say he is a great guy.  He has truly become my best friend and we are good for each other.  We talk everyday.  He is sweet, supportive, funny, God Fearing, loving, affectionate and great at the groovey stuff 😉

He visits often but only for the weekend but believe it or not it isn’t a hindrance or strain to our relationship.  We have private jokes and my kids love him.  Before he permanently relocates here, I will be going there to meet his family.

All I can say is my life is more amazing with him in it.  He is who I have been praying for, I’m not going to lie, at the beginning of the relationship I was waiting for the other shoe to drop sidebar- the post you just saw, titled “I did it”, has been sitting on my phone for couple of months. So don’t think I just saw him and all of this is going down.  Anywhosal… he sent me two cards created in which he wrote me love letters and FED Ex’d them and a CD to my home… it was a Mother’s Day card and a Valentine’s Day card.  Sweet but odd I know, at first.  When I called to thank him, he told me he was sorry it took him 37yrs to find me but he planned to spend the rest of his life making it up to me… the two cards for the missed Holidays was just the beginning, okay you can say it… awwww.

We text and talk like teenagers when he’s not here and make out like teenagers when he is here…

I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend 🙂

Just because I have found my Mr. Right For Me” doesn’t mean you are off the hook… I still have plenty of soapboxes stored up, there is far more shit in the world, besides online dating, that pisses me off. Plus, I know you’re gonna want to know how this all plays out whether this is my Happily ever after or if it will crash and burn.  So… To Be Continued and as always…

Love and Later Days,


Guess who’s back…

Hey! Missed me? I missed you.  I have been away but thinking of you all.  I have a few weeks left in Philly, thank God because any longer and I would make the damn news.  I have been pretty much avoiding ppl over the last few weeks. Mainly because a lot of folks like to piss in my Cheerios. I have been asked about three times today where I will be staying, as soon as I say 2 blocks from the beach someone is quick to point out Hurricane season. Even someone who is supposed to be happy I’m coming to SC.

Anywhosal, I have done it.  I have reactivated my Okcupid and accounts.  Not hoping to meet Mr. Right.  I just haven’t met anyone new in about a year.  I would like to just go out on a couple of dates. Get my feet wet.  I want to put on my makeup. Do my hair. Have a door held for me, my cigarette lit.  I get tired of being treated like a girl, that’s a friend instead of a girlfriend.  I know it’s my fault because I have always been comfortable with guys and it’s real easy to let my inner tomboy come out whenever I feel comfortable with a guy I like…  I have been working on it.  One of the ways I will be combating my inner tomboy is by buying some new lingerie. Hard to feel like a tomboy with a silk and lace covered thong going up your butt, lol.  I’m not saying I plan on playing any games or pretending to be something I’m not, I’m just saying I want the guys I’m going out with (yes I said guys, plural, more on that later) to get to know me before I start spewing off NFL facts and stats.

Kay’s rules for dating. I don’t believe in dating one person at a time. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a person and force feelings on someone, if they’re the only person you’re seeing.

I don’t believe in lying about dating more than one person. However, I normally only bring it up if he asks.

I don’t believe in monogamous relationships unless we have both agreed to it, discussed and decided it’s what we both want. He has to know that getting into a long term relationship with me means you intend to marry me one day. Otherwise what’s the point? Why not continue to date? Because you don’t want me sleeping with any other man? News flash, it doesn’t work. Why jump from one relationship to the next? We get together and stay together until one of us gets bored. No thanks.

So, I put myself back on the market. Looking through’s line up before I decide whether I will be paying for a membership.  I really think I won’t pay until next month when I’m completely relocated. I want to go to their mixers and “stirs” (I think they call them) which will be difficult here in Philly since I’m registered with my zip code in SC.  I figure since I’m paying extra for that feature, I want to use it. I think I will do better with those features anyway because I come off better in person than I do online anyway. I want to put on a pretty dress, dangling earrings,some high heels and drink some colorful cocktails, while holding a pretty clutch bag. Even if I don’t meet anyone, I will be outside! No talk about medications, school, bickering between two teenagers, no talk of moves, nada. Just me being a grown up.

Looking forward to it…

Love and Later Days,


Deleting old profiles…

I have a profile on and (I lied a little on okcupid and said I already live in Myrtle Beach because I thought I would be there by now). Anywhosal, I have decided to take them both down for the time being.  I’ll put them both up again after the move.  Well, maybe… Idk if I want to go back to OKCupid, there isn’t too much variety.  In the meantime, I will be drafting my new profile. I also need to check out this bar I heard about online. This place supposedly has two sister bars and you can become a member. After you pay a small fee, there isn’t (supposed to be) any cover charge and your VIP service is included in all three bars. Sounds promising but I worked in Sports and Entertainment, most of the time when there are promotions and memberships involved, it’s usually because an item or product isn’t moving well and they use memberships and promotions as a way of making you feel special and like you’re missing something, boost sales and make whatever product or event seem more “top shelf” than it actually is… So they could be doing the membership thing to get more folks in their bars/clubs not just because they would value me as a customer.  A few trips should tell me all I need to know. If everything checks out, it’ll be a great way to meet new folks, primarily open up my dating pool.

Myrtle Beach, like Philly, is a tourist spot because of this during the Summer months I will probably go out more because of the ppl who come from all over the US to golf and the guys who come down for bike week. That’ll open up the dating pool some. Not looking to meet Prince Charming anytime soon, just be around men again, hell adults again and not discuss medicine or what my kids are up to, no boy crazy stuff or anything about anime.

I am closing in on my 6 week mark and trying to pray more and worry less. I go to bed at night trying to just focus on one thing at a time, so far so good. I haven’t had a need to have alcohol induced sleep in a week.  When I get anxious like this I could go days without sleep unless I have a couple of shots first.  I remember one move a few years back had me so anxious I was afraid I might need to go to AA after I returned the Uhaul truck, Smh.  That’s all for now.

Love and Later Days,


Whole lotta shaking going on…

Well I have gotten back into the swing of things.  I finally contacted Eagle Crest. I contacted them to get information on Home Health Aids and Medical suppliers for my mom’s hospital bed. I had him mail me the info for the VA. It takes the VA time to get paperwork in order. I want them now, that way if they are asking for documentation that I need to get, I’ll know before we move.  Oh did I mention I have a tentative move date of March 1st. 

I have to pick up the girls school records, I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get everything together. To be honest, I like keeping busy. I started cleaning out my closet today.  Damn I have a lot of crap that needs to be thrown out.

I talked to the realtor today, she’s confident that she can find what I’m looking for… Three bedroom, two bath in a good price range.  I’m getting excited again. Since I can do nothing but wait for the court’s guardianship decision I figured I would throw myself back into the move.  It’s working. I am sleeping at night again.  I feel like cooking again. I’m starting to feel like myself.

Love and Later Days,


Soul sucking bastards…

I have been having, what I have been calling, a fire sale. For those of my followers not from the US or not old enough to remember, a fire sale is what businesses had when they were closing a store for good. Basically everything must go. The store owner sales everything at a discount to make as much off their merchandise as possible. In my case I am getting rid of things and ppl who are of no value to my life.

If I have someone in my life that takes more than they bring to my life, they have to go. I am starting over. Clean slate. My mistakes and short comings will not be moving with me to SC. I am walking away from my extended family on both my mother and father’s side. I am walking away from my exhusband and daughters’ father. I am walking away from pain, anguish, heartache, trials and tribulations. I am starting over and to do this, I have to leave the ppl who have hurt me here. I am slowly forgiving them but I will not bring them with me.  I will change my phone number the day before I leave and leave no forwarding address.

I’m done. *drops mic and walks off stage.*

Love and later days,


Speed Dating update…

Funny how things work out. I went to my speed dating event and noticed right away that it seem… off. The bar it was being hosted in was way too small to have 10 to 30 singles as the ad boasted. The other thing was there were on 6 ppl there including me. I figured there was an upstairs or downstairs where the event was being hosted. After my niece arrived (my wingman for the night.) I inquired about the event. When I told the barmaid why I was there, she looked confused. Apparently the event stopped being held at that location months ago. She asked was I sure the email was for yesterday and not an old one. I showed her the email and she just shrugged, let me tell u, I am so glad I didn’t register in advance like the email requested. I would have been out of 50 bucks (it was 24.99 per person).

So after a few cocktails, my niece and I take a stroll down South Street to check out the happenings. We end up at a hotel bar and guess what I met the nicest guy. After a few more cocktails we head down to a local nightclub. Drink some more and my niece leaves me alone with NG. After I crash a bachelorette party, stealing two boas and remembered just in time that I was a klutz. That prevented from taking a trip to the emergency room because just beforehand I was considering doing a pole climb on this stripper pole in the night club.

I had good night and NG put me in a cab after giving me a good night kiss. I spent today texting him on and off. So, I didn’t meet anyone during the scam speed dating event but I did meet a groovy guy (yeah I said groovy). Did I mention he doesn’t live in Philly? He lives in NC, about an hour from Myrtle Beach. For now I don’t have to worry about the relocation conversation I was worried about before, at least not with this guy. He comes to Philly often and says he wants to see me when he’s in town.

For today, I’m happy and that’s all I can ask for because tmrw’s not promised.

Love and Later Days,