Kay Speak

A list of words I use quite often that isn’t in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.  I will add more words as I blog.  I use some words so often I forget to add them to this Glossary.

Anywho – Kayinese for the word anyway (see Kayinese).  Why not use anyway? IDK.

Bike- penis

Bike ride- a euphemism for having sex. Created by Grey Goose, Dirty.

Buttahead- a term used for an ugly person with a nice body.  As in, everything on him looked good but- his- head.

Cooter- Kayinese for vagina.

Douche Bag – an idiot, normally used to describe a man.

Douchery – Something foolish a douche bag does.

Frat house – my bedroom/office.

Friggin – Kayinese for fuck. I use it when I feel I have cursed too much that day.

Fugly- Fucking ugly.

Ginormous (pronounced J EYE NORM US) – Bigger than huge.

Hairy Monkey or Monkey – Same as cooter.

Hood Rat- see pigeon.

Kayinese  (pronounced Kay N KNEES)- refers to a word that I made up or someone else did that I have adopted to my vocabulary.

Kayiswrite- another blog I have on wordpress.com.  It’s an advice column.

Pigeon- a low rent person.  I hate using the term ghetto or redneck.  A pigeon can also refer to a whore or skank.  Can be both male and female.

Shut the front door – means shut the fuck up, I use it when my kids are present.

VaKaytion – a trip I take once a month to clear my head and dance until no one wants to be around me.


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